How to Correct Information for Students and Former Students

The email address that is used in the online directory and how to change it is explained in KB00203.

Emory exchange email can be automatically forwarded only to other Emory exchange mailboxes. By policy it cannot be automatically forwarded to addresses outside of Emory exchange. The Destination for non-Exchange email can be changed using MyNetID.

A student has the option of choosing to be included or excluded from the online directories. The default is to be included. Since there is no expiration date on the Registrar Information Release Form, directory suppression is not removed automatically after graduation or upon subsequent employment by Emory. See also"Campus Directory Suppression" on the Registrar's FERPA page.

To be included in the online directory, a directory suppressed student or former student must submit a signed Registrar Information Release Form to the Registrar's office.

See the Change of Information page at the Registrar's web site for how to change student information including the following directory information:

  • Emory Post Office Box
  • Change of Name
  • Mailing Address and Phone number

The phone number in the online diretory can be changed using OPUS. If a phone number is checked in OPUS as preferred, it will be used for the online listing. If no preference is indicated, online will default to Dorm (if exists), then Mailing (if exists), then home. Changes to the phone numbers in OPUS usually take 24 hours to be effective in the online directory.

For all other changes and missing information, please contact the Registrar's Office.