Search Tips

General Search Tips
The search matches against the full name and email as listed in the online directory. Enter all or part of the name in First, Middle, Last name order.

The full name will be the legal first, middle and last name in that order unless it has been personalized. For example, if Rebecca Doe has personalized her directory name to be "Becky Doe", then a search for Rebecca Doe would not find her, but a search for Bec Doe would find her.

As another example, if searching for "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt", you can use Jingle to search. If you search on a common name, such as John in the example, the search may result in too many matches, and the directory service will return with an error. If this occurs, try the search again with more unique parts of the name. For example, use the first letters of more words: Jo Ja Ji Sc, or John Jin, or J Schm.

More technical description
To improve search results each instance of one or more consecutive spaces in the search string is automatically replaced by an asterisk (*), which matches zero or more consecutive characters.

When matching against the full name, an asterisk is also inserted at the beginning and at the end. For example, entering John Jones will search for full name of *John*Jones*, which will match "John Jacob Quincy Jones" as well as "Albert John L Jones", "John Q Jones Jr.", and "Johnny Jonesberg".