How to Correct Information for Faculty/Staff

The email address that is used in the online directory and how to change it is explained in KB00203.

An employee can opt to not appear in the online directory when viewed from a network external to Emory. Note that for access-control purposes, Guest wireless networks (University and Healthcare) are considered to be external to Emory. If you cannot find yourself or another employee in the directory when connected from a network external to Emory, use VPN (Info / Connect Now) and try again.

To change your legal name (first, middle, or last name) or mailstop, contact your HR representative. Or you can email your request to HR at

To change your directory listing see KB01774. You can make immediate changes to any of the following:

  • Identifiers: First and/or Middle Name and Honorific (Example: MD, PhD, RN)
  • Job Information: Title, Location (Building and Suite/Room Number)
  • Telephone Numbers: Work Phone and Fax
  • Directory Presence: Allow your directory listing to be visible to people outside Emory or prohibit such visibility

The department and division shown for you come from your official HR department. If it is wrong, contact your Department's Human Resources representative, who in coordination with the senior business officer of your division, can work with Human Resources on that for you.

To update your home address, use PeopleSoft self-service.